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My new GPS

Postby nig » Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:53 pm

I have been looking around for a while now for a new GPS to replace my old windows-based HP TravelMate PDA, with its 3.5" screen and rather low screen resolution of 360x240. Recently it has been showing its age, with random screen blanking and other unpredictable behaviour

Had a look at a few newer windows based options, and some looked quite promising, was quite impressed by Kenny's 5" unit at JLW. However, most were still a bit lacking in the screen resolution with 800x480 seeming to be the norm on 5" or 7" screens. My poor old eyesight was after something a bit sharper, but I wanted to stay with windows for OziExplorer.

Then I had a look at a couple of applications a mate was using on his Android mobile phone - Cygic for turn-by-turn and OziExplorer for the topo maps. I was already a fan of OziExplorer from the old GPS, and the Android version seems to be every bit as good as the windows one. Cygic really runs rings around the Tom Tom software my old HP runs, so I decided to go find a decent Android tablet to run them on.

Wound up getting a Samsung Note 8 - a really nice tablet to use and with 1280x800 screen resolution and 8" screen it fits the bill for my eyesight. As a plus, you can enter handwriting on the screen rather than having to type everything, which is quite useful when taking notes in a meeting. Its not bad for reading email and general web surfing either, usually through the wifi at home, but when I am out and about I can tether my phone and use its internet connection.

So here it is:

The 200 in the top corner means it is zoomed in to 200%, the map is a 1:10,000


..and a rather large mount to hold it

Pretty happy with this setup, the only real problem I had was initially keeping the power up to it with a 1 amp USB adapter, the screen is very hungry when it is on all the time. Now I am using a 2.1 amp adapter it is all working well.

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Postby beaujest4 » Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:22 pm

wow looks big and flash
Cheers Al

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Postby slydar » Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:58 am

want a picture of my new GPS? hmm - where's a pic of the missus... but i love it, she's funnier than jack thompson on the tom-tom...
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