Useful links

Useful links

Postby Taziiy » Sat Oct 14, 2006 8:53 am

45Use this area for posting links to usefull tech info sites

Tyre size calculator

IFS toyota diff removal

General write up on body lifts

12volt DC connection options

This thread at Pirate is a good guide to . It's a good read for anyone thats interested in that sort of thing.

suspension link design

battery bible

The nut and bolt Bible

An americian site with assorted tech articles, a bit biased to jeeps and big block engines but some good reading:

assorted tech articles

A good one for checking differences in tire size

This is a reference site for all things battery related.

All About Batteries

Start with the top link (FAQ) link and navigate through the site - it a little ackward to navigate but it contains a wealth of information on batteries.



This is from pirate4x4

tube bending 101
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